The Robot Meets B2K!

The Robot dislikes celebrities, watch as a cameraman sees the Robot deny B2K member Raz!

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For years, people with

For years, people with hypertension were warned against it, because doctors feared that spikes in blood pressure during strenuous lifting might lead to dangerous problems and, in the long term, raise blood pressure. But studies had not provided watches much evidence. And in recent years, large studies have found the opposite: Ultimately, weightlifting reduces resting blood pressure, because with stronger muscles there is less rolex watches demand on the heart during everyday activities.For example, an analysis in the journal Hypertension examined 11 clinical trials, comparing 182 adults who lifted weights several times a week and 138 who did not. Overall, it found that weight training lowered resting systolic blood pressure fossil watches (the top number in a pressure reading) by 2% and diastolic pressure by about 4%—small gains that can greatly improve cardiovascular health.another report by the American Heart Association, published in the journal Circulation, found that just two or three bouts of weight training a week—with exercises such as curls and presses—were enough to lower blood pressure.

Before the battle begins, Mr.

Before the battle begins, Mr. Rad announces that he has a new friend named Mr. Chuck, a police officer from the LAPD, joining as a guest referee. He also announces that there will be no fighting during the battle. Sonny (Young Rome), a member from women's watches David and Elgin's crew shows up and the crew are shocked to realize that he has joined Wade's crew. They are also shocked to realize that Sonny has sold them out by performing their moves for Wade's crew. David and Elgin's crew try desperately to make a comeback, but it rado watches doesn't work and Wade's crew dominates. A fight breaks out in the middle of the battle between the two crews and Mr. Rad and Mr. Chuck break it up. The crowd applauds for Wade's crew and David and Elgin become furious that they have lost for the first time. Elgin tries to tell Mr. Rad that Wade and his crew stole their moves, but Wade, crowing over his success, delivers the titular line, "You're just mad... 'cause tonight you suckas got served!" David and Elgin's crew leaves very angry.Meanwhile, David and Liyah (Jennifer Freeman), Elgin's sister, are watch bands falling in love. David picks her up from work and they go to a restaurant. While playing basketball with Vick, Elgin gets a cell phone call from Emerald telling him that he wants them to come earlier to do their job. Elgin tries to call David immediately,

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