COF EP (6) The Crew Meets the Host!

The 'Couple of Friends' team meets the Host, or so they think.....

The International League is

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Now you all tell this just a coincidence? We have a BATMAN, and now we have a BAT IN THE BARN! I think it was meant to be...when I told Brian that he just rolled phentermine his eyes and smiled. I believe that sometimes he thinks I am a wack job! But not as wacky as my friend Jacquie, who I work with, thought I was today when out of the clear blue I announced that I think aliens live inside of me...but that is another story!Okay, I will tell the alien story. I am fascinated with the idea of aliens, and I find it hard to believe that we are the only life viagra forms out there. By the way, I highly recommend the book The Host, by Stephenie Meyer. She also wrote the Twilight series, which was awesome! Oh, got sidetracked - probably the aliens messing with my thoughts...HA HA! Anyways, you all know how sometimes your head might tickle in a spot and you instantly think you cialis have a tick or some other bug? Then you can't find anything? That happened to me a few times today at work, then I decided it was probably aliens looking for an exit. That is my alien story.

Im hooked...but...

That can't be the real host- he is a wack job! I want to meet this Alien-- Has he space ship not landed or something?